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Nurses are the ​beating heart of ​healthcare.

The mission of Nurses Heart to ​Heart is to equip nurses in the ​developing world with the training ​and resources they need to care for ​their patients.

In practical terms,

this means traveling to teach ​nurses where they are: in hospitals, ​nursing schools, refugee camps, ​and at conferences.

Nurses Heart to Heart also provides ​medications, medical supplies, ​training equipment, educational ​funds, and other needed resources ​to nurses, nursing schools, health ​clinics, and hospitals in the regions ​where we se​r​ve.

Nurses Heart to Heart

Recent and ​Upcoming ​Projects

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January 2024

Nurses Heart to Heart traveled to Iraq in January of 2024 for the ​grand opening of the Nursing and Midwifery Development Centre. ​Dr. Rich serves on the Centre’s Board of Trustees and was a keynote ​speaker at the 1st International Nursing and Midwifery Conference ​as part of the Centre’s opening events. In addition to speaking at ​the conference, Dr. Rich conducted workshops with nurses on ​diabetes patient education and care. This trip also included a visit ​to the Bajed Kandala Yazidi internally displaced persons camp.

Upcoming Projects

NHTH is planning a second supply and strategy trip to the Bajed ​Kandala Yazidi internally displaced persons camp in Iraq in 2024 .

NHTH has been invited to come teach in Mongolia in August 2024 ​and to Uganda in 2025. We are currently coordinating with local ​leaders to plan around their needs.

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Ongoing Projects

Nurses Heart to Heart’s ongoing partnership with Bajed Kandala ​Yazidi internally displaced persons camp involves funding full ​nursing educations for students from the camp. These young ​nurses, once qualified, return to the camp to provide healthcare in ​their community. So far, Nurses Heart to Heart has funded two ​students, including Nisreen, pictured here at her 2023 graduation. ​NHTH will soon be sponsoring a third nursing student.

In addition to building the corps of nurses in the camp, NHTH is ​responsible for funding and supplying the small health clinic there, ​which serves over 9,000 residents.

Recent ​Communications

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How We’re Celebrating

International Nurses Day!

(May 2024)

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Who We Are

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Founder and President

Dr. Anita Rich earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Emory University ​and her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Georgia State University. She began her ​nursing career at Emory University Hospital in 1981 and in 2011, she began serving as the ​Heart Failure Coordinator and Diabetes Care and Education Specialist at Emory Johns ​Creek Hospital. Dr. Rich is also a Senior Clinical Instructor at her alma mater, the Emory ​University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.

DNP: Doctor of Nursing Practice

RN: Registered Nurse

CHFN: Certified Heart Failure Nurse

CDCES: Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

CGNC: Certified Global Nurse Consultant

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Anna Rickrode

Director of Communications

Anna Rickrode was part of the very ​first NHTH trips to Iraq and Mongolia. ​She earned her Master of Science ​degree in ethics from the University ​of Edinburgh and spent nine years in ​nonprofit fundraising and ​communications before officially ​joining the NHTH team in 2022.

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Nurses Heart to Heart ​Volunteers

Nurses Heart to Heart is grateful for ​the nurses, midwives, and others ​who volunteer their time and skills ​to travel with NHTH to the countries ​where we serve. If you are ​interested in volunteering with ​NHTH, please contact us!

Our History

The vision of NHTH has broadened considerably since its ​founding in 2010. What began as a mission to teach CPR and ​supply manikins to nurses in one developing country has grown ​to include educating nurses in multiple low- and lower-middle-​income countries. We provide these nurses, community ​midwives, and medical staff with education specific to the areas ​where they currently practice, and we help provide the basic ​medical supplies they need to do their work. Our current focus ​prioritizes nurses and their colleagues in areas that are recovering ​from war and armed conflict.

To date, Nurses Heart to Heart staff and volunteers have trained ​nurses and served patients on 13 trips to Mongolia, 6 trips to th​e Kurdistan region of Iraq, and 1 trip to Tanzania.​

NHTH Timeline

“Can you teach us ​how to pump t​he chest​?”

On a medical mission in 2008, a ​Mongolian nurse asked Anita if she ​could teach her and her colleagues ​CPR. This simple request led to the ​founding of NHTH and an 11-year ​mission to teach CPR and donate CPR ​manikins in every province in Mongolia.

Joining Colleagues on Nursing ​Trips t​o Iraq

Anita had been volunteering as a nurse on international medical service ​trips since 2007 and in 2010 was invited to join a team traveling to the ​Kurdistan region of Iraq to perform pediatric congenital heart defect ​screenings and repairs, with a particular focus on educating their local ​counterparts at every stage.

On this trip, Anita had the opportunity to work with and teach Kurdish ​nurses at their patients’ bedsides. This teaching-as-we-work model was a ​perfect fit for the heart of NHTH and began to expand the vision of NHTH ​from a focus on teaching CPR across Mongolia to investing in nursing ​education more broadly and in the places where nurses work.

Iraq Now: NMDC, ​IDP Camp

NHTH began building a partnership with the ​Bajed Kandala Yazidi internally displaced ​persons (IDP) camp in Duhok, Iraq in 2016, ​two years after the camp was established ​following the Yazidi genocide.

In 2023, Anita joined the board of the ​Nursing and Midwifery Development Centre.

The IDP Camp and NMDC have become ​NHTH’s current focal points.

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