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“Can you teach me how to pump the chest?”
-Mongolian nurse, Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia, 2008

Every day in hospitals across America someone’s heart stops beating.
Within seconds a nurse begins CPR and a “Code” is called.
Within about a minute, the room is filled with doctors and nurses.

. . . And the beat goes on . . .

Often in hospitals in developing countries when someone’s heart stops beating
the skill of CPR is unknown by the nurses caring for the patients.
Minutes mean life!

For every minute there is a delay in starting CPR the patient’s chance for survival drops exponentially.

“Anyone, anywhere, can now initiate cardiac resuscitative procedures. All that is needed is two hands.”
-Dr. James Jude, Inventor of CPR, 1960s

. . . And the beat goes on . . .

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Nurses Heart to Heart