Everyday in hospitals across America someone’s heart stops beating.
Within seconds a nurse begins CPR and a “Code” is called.
Within about a minute the room is filled with doctors and nurses.
 . . . And the beat goes on . . .

Everyday in hospitals in developing countries when someone’s heart stops beating . . .it just stops!  The skill of CPR is unknown to the very person able to save that life – the nurse at their bedside.  Time is life!  For every minute there is a delay in starting CPR the patient’s chance for survival drops exponentially. Dr. James Jude, who is credited with inventing CPR in 1960 at Johns Hopkins, is quoted as saying,

“Anyone, anywhere, can now initiate cardiacresuscitative procedures.
All that is needed is two hands.”

Nurses Heart to Heart is an organization that enables nurses to volunteer their time and talents to educate their fellow nurses in developing countries. Our goal is to advance the art and science of Nursing through the sharing of our hearts, knowledge and experiences. Nurses Heart to Heart specifically teaches basic and advanced life-saving skills including CPR. Our students wanting to learn more are then taught to become CPR Instructors.

. . . And the beat goes on . . .